African Missions Project { AMP } has built five churches in Kenya since 2007. Our goal is to

build many more churches for Kenya Assembly of God Congregations in the future. We have a long list of Pastors and congregations in need of Tabernacle churches. For a cost of $4000 you can supply a Tabernacle church for a needy KAG congregation . 

     Tabernacle churches are free standing steel structures consisting of cement footings, purlins, trusses, corrugated roofing and a ample dose of elbow grease. These churches are usually erected in two days and serve the dual purposes of protecting the congregation from the heat during the dry season and the rains during the wet season.

     The norm is that these churches usually double in size from the Sunday before the Tab church is erected to the Sunday after it is built. Won't you consider partnering with us "To Build God's Kingdom in Africa"

     To donate to help build churches in Kenya please make a check out to: AMP

and mail to:                                                                       African Missions Project

                                                                                       218 Bear Run Drive

                                                                                       Drums, Pa 18222

In the memo column on the check write

Church Building Project

Sincerely yours,

Guy Scatton 

Director of African Missions Project