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      African Missions Project { AMP } is seeking to "Advance God's Kingdom in Kenya" by supporting indigenous Pastors in two very special ways. First we seek to financially support these Men of God called to preach and teach God's word by sending a monthly donation of $ 50 to each Pastor we have built a church for. Most Kenyan congregations are so poor they cannot afford to pay their pastors a salary. These pastors are forced to try to find work elsewhere while caring for the needs of their congregations. We currently are supporting five Kenya pastors with a goal of supporting many more pastors in the future. This $50 per month helps these pastors to put food on the table for their families so their can focus on preaching and teaching God's word. 

     The second way we will be supporting these "Men of God" are through Pastor seminars starting in January of 2019. Many Kenyan Pastors are hungry for the word of God and seek to be trained so they can better serve there congregations. In a recent Pastor Seminar session in the Trans Mara District of Kenya in November of 2017 some Pastors left at 3:00 a.m. to walk to a training session starting at 9 a.m. and covered a total distance of 18 miles. With this kind of dedication it is our duty to provide the training needed to help these pastors minister God's word to their congregations.


    If you would like to support a Pastor on a monthly basis please contact me at the number below for more information or make a check out to African Missions Project and mail to address below:

African Missions Project

218 Bear Run Drive

Drums, PA 18222  


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