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Donate with DonorBox


When using PayPal please enter one of the following codes to help us determine what ministry you want your donations to bless:
1. Siany Orphan Children:  Code 001 - Help feed 350 orphan children 
2. Kisii School Children:  Code 002 - Help feed 100 slum children  
3. Victoria Faith School Children:  Code 003 - Help feed 100 children from the Nanga Slums
4. HIV Infected Widows Feeding Ministry: Code 004 - Help provide food to distribute to HIV Infected widows 
5. Pastor Support:  Code 005 - Support a Kenya Pastor at $50 per month to help him put food on the table for His family 
6. Bible Distribution:  Code 006 - Help provide the word of God to needy Kenya brothers and sisters 
7. Crusade Support:  Code 007 - Help support the cost to evangelize to woman. children, and men during our 2 day crusades
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