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Siany Child Development Center


SIANY CHILD DEVLOPMENT CENTER The Siany Child Development Center is a Humanitarian Department concerned with the very needy children in the surrounding slums of Kisumu, Kenya.


GOALS: The ultimate goal of Siany Child Development Center is to transform these would be neglected children into responsible Christians and economicallyproductive citizens, by initiating necessary programs capable of liberatingthem from their Spiritual, Economic, Physical and Social Bondage.


DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES:To initiate programs geared to empowering the children economically.To initiate programs geared to empowering the children spiritually.To initiate programs geared to developing the children into a healthy nation.To initiate programs geared to promoting mutually accepted attitudes and values among the center’s children.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION : The unique physical position of Siany Child Development Center in relation to the six great slums of Siany, Sije, Koyango, Gesoko, Awuji and Kasawino has always posed great challenges to the Orphanage. Since its inception, these overcrowded slums are characterized by complex Socio-economic, physical and spiritual problems like : Poor housing, lack of shelter, sewage, explosions, social ills, thuggery, diseases [ cholera, ringworm, bilharzias,and malaria, etc. ] and high death rates. Tremendous spread of HIV related diseases, high school drop- outs, non-schooled children, large families living below poverty level and malnutrition. In taking the gospel to these slums, Kenya Assembly of God (KAG) Church in Siany has discovered that these problems were quite acute. Individual church members formed programs to try and reach them with clothing, food, and even paying of school fees for some children. K.A.G. church has responded to this challenge by establishing a fully staffed Children’s church to cater for the spiritual needs of these children by reaching them and their families.


Soon these slum children developed great affection for the church and were able to identify with its members. Nevertheless, their socio-economic and physical needs could not be met due to limited resources.

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