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                                                         GUY SCATTON

     Guy serves as the Director of the African Missions Project (AMP). The Holy Spirit called Him to Africa while in prayer in 2006. Since that time Guy has made seven trips to Africa and has been a part of building seventeen Tabernacle churches for needy Kenyan Assemblies of God [ KAG ] congregations, and a school classroom for the orphan children of the Siany slums.


   He has also started a feeding program for the 325 orphan children who attend the Siany school. A feeding program for widows in the Siany slums. Guy has also been a part of up-training African Pastors by instituting pastor seminar classes and purchasing Kindle Fire Tablets for needy Kenyan Pastors. He has also started a pastor support program that pays Kenyan pastors $50 per month to help them put some food on the table for their families. Many Kenyan congregations are so poor they cannot afford to pay there pastors any salary so these men of God are forced to look for outside employment to provide for their families. 

    Guy has a vision to build 87 more Tabernacle churches over the next several years for needy Kenyan congregations. These KAG churches have no permanent place to call home and are currently holding their church services in temporary unsafe structures or out in open fields or in someone home. These Tabernacle churches serve the dual purposes of protecting the congregation from the searing heat during the dry season and the heavy rains during the wet season. They also give the congregation a permanent place to call home.

    The Tabernacle churches are open aired free standing steel structures that are typically erected in two days for a cost of $6,000. They consists of cement footings, steel beams, purlins, trusses, corrugated roofing, thousands of screws, and an ample dose of elbow grease.

   Guy's passion is to bring American churches over to Kenya on short term, 9-to-10-day trips to have had a life changing missions experience. These trips consists of building the churches, feeding and ministering to orphan children and widows, hosting pastor seminars, evangelism services, and loving on the Kenyan people. If you or your church are interested in experiencing life changing missions in Africa please contact Guy at 570-359-3799.

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